Local celebration Nationale Boomfeestdag is approaching


It's almost time for the local celebration of Nationale Boomfeestdag, which is scheduled for the closure of the Boomfeestdag Planting Season on 20 March 2024. On this day, the planting of the seed orchard will be completed.

Preparations in full swing

Preparations are already in full swing. At the initiative of the European Plant Support Foundation, the GrootGroenPlus Foundation, Cooperative Association Treeport, and Treeport BCT Partners BV have joined forces to take the lead. Rabobank De Zuidelijke Baronie is providing financial and programmatic support to bring the plans for this societal initiative to fruition. Together, they will ensure that the local celebration confirms what everyone already knows: that Zundert is the centre of the tree cultivation industry, both nationally and internationally.


It is expected that more parties will join or express their support for this exciting project, aiming to make it an annual event. Naturally, this initiative also receives support from the Municipality of Zundert and Stichting Nationale Boomfeestdag itself.


Expansion of seed orchard

During the celebration on 20 March 2024, the seed orchard at Business Centre Treeport will be completed. Elementary school children already planted the first part with 2,750 trees and plants on 16 March 2022 using knowledge acquired through Coöperatieve Vereniging Treeport, and it is thriving. The second part of the seed orchard will now be planted. It will be filled with 20 different types of trees and plants, from which seeds can be harvested later, promoting the continuous production of those trees and plants.


The children's program takes centre stage on 20 March 2024; there will be classroom lessons on tree cultivation, a real Tree of the Future competition, and the highlight, the planting moment on 20 March. Several classes have already participated in the competition, and on the 20th, approximately 150 children will be present at the planting location. Of course, the hope is that all elementary schools will participate, including schools across the border in for example Hoogstraten (B).


Thanks to the possibilities offered by Rabobank's support, together we will create an unforgettable green event where the importance of greenery and the children take the centre stage.


Connection with Zundert

Stichting Nationale Boomfeestdag has been the charity of the GrootGroenPlus trade fair for years. That resulted in a strong connection with the region. Zundert was initially a one-time focal municipality for the Nationale Boomfeestdag celebration, preparing for the National Celebration on 16 November 2022, in the municipality of Zundert. Due to the enthusiasm observed among children and adults, in 2023 it was decided to also implement an annual local celebration.


The Nationale Boomfeestdag celebration provides extra attention to the tree cultivation industry in a fun and educational way, promoting this industry among children and young people. This ensures that the industry can hopefully count on motivated and qualified personnel in the future.