A new year also means a lot of fresh ideas for a new edition of the GrootGroenPlus trade fair, the relationship fair for the nursery stock industry, that is traditionally organised in the fall. On 2-4 October 2024, the BCT terrain in Zundert will transform into an epicentre of green innovation and inspiration. And even though it’s not October yet, the PR machine is already running at full speed. This is all due to this year’s theme: In The Picture. More than ever before, this year we will focus on showcasing all participants and the industry as a whole.

Standing out in the green industry

The green industry is already remarkable in itself; the diversity, innovation, and creativity displayedby many green entrepreneurs make it one of the most flourishing industries at the moment. At the same time, it remains an art to truly stand out. Trade fair GrootGroenPlus helps with that. With the theme ‘In The Picture,’ we not only highlight entrepreneurs but also the entire industry, education related to the industry, and, of course, the plants. We do this for example through the Green Grand Prix.

Consciously chosen stand presentation

Additionally, we encourage trade fair participants to carefully consider the presentation of their stand. A good presentation attracts attention. In our industry, it’s not just about displaying products; presentation is also essential. Natural materials, vibrant green hues, and a fresh perspective create a welcoming, inviting atmosphere. During three trade fair days, the most important players in the industry pass by your stand, making it crucial to truly leave an impression. Of course, the organization also pays attention to this, and a cleverly designed stand, aligned with the trade fair’s theme, can win several awards. It is also possible to present your inventions and innovations at the trade fair. There is even a separate technical area for larger devices.

Sustainable high-quality presentation

All efforts are not limited to the three fair days in October, but are carried out year-round. We offer various possibilities for this, such as a publication in this edition of the KwekersBode. We also supportentrepreneurs through good photography, a solid website, and, of course, through the collaboration with our partner Varb, making it possible to make the entire assortment visible for visitors in advance. Varb is an online platform with a daily offer of 15,000 different plants. Growers can offer their products to a professional group of buyers, active in different markets. For example planting companies, wholesalers, exporters, green and garden centres that will continue working on the growing process of the product. Varb is userfriendly; the offer is easily readable. Many products include a photo and attract the interest of potential buyers. This allows them to plan their visit and interactions in a more targeted way.

For years, the GrootGroenPlus trade fair has been committed to strengthening the green industry. It invests year-round in attracting new participants and visitors, but also in setting up valuable collaborations that benefit the industry. Consider, for example, a collaboration with Rabobank, which has resulted in a multilingual trade fair app, the collaboration with Stichting Nationale Boomfeestdag, ensuring that the industry stays top-of-mind with the younger generation, and collaborations with educational institutions to contribute to solving the labour shortage in the industry. By putting the industry in the picture in various ways, we ensure year-round attention.

Smart communication before and during the trade fair

Of course, it’s essential for participants to capitalise on the buzz we create, especially before andduring the trade fair. Turn your participation into a long-awaited event through smart communication. Start with teasers on social media and personally invite customers prior to the trade fair. Be visible! And during the fair, you can create a hospitable atmosphere with knowledgeable staff and clear communication. Ensure that you remain in the visitor’s memory and provide them with the right contact information. Strengthen the impact you make with, for example, an extra mention on the participant list or an impressive interview on the website or in an edition of the KwekersBode. This increases recognition and strengthens the brand association. Familiarity is gained through repetition.

Photo contest: picture green

The visual power of good photography is not to be underestimated - at GrootGroenPlus, we know that better than anyone. Entirely in line with the theme, a special photo contest has been organised this year. This gives the tree cultivation industry a unique opportunity to present itself in a different way. To participate, a photo can be submitted, where it’s not only important to consider the technical side of the photo but to also pay attention to creativity and the narrative aspect. A professional jury will then select the top 20 and present them to the public. Visitors can then also cast their votes to determine a public winner. You will find more information about this contest in the June 2024 edition of the KwekersBode.

In the picture with FotoCCar

Traditionally, green products have been purchased directly from the grower. Nowadays, however, it’s becoming increasingly common to buy them online. With the right partners, you can ensure that theonline experience of your product also leaves a lasting impression.  partner frequently seen at the GrootGroenPlus trade fair is FotoCCar, a mobile photo studio developed by Pierre Demesmaeker. The FotoCCar is a tool in the green industry that accurately captures the dimensions of plants, both in height and width. A photo of plants on FotoCCar provides customers and partners with a real-time view of the current growth and flowering of the products. Mounted on a CC trolley, this photo studio easily navigates through paths in the greenhouse and outdoor areas. A photo can be quickly sent, and even image auctions are possible without major investments. We know from search engine monitoring that good visuals lead to more clicks.

Nico Wester opts to be in the picture

Nico Wester demonstrates that being ‘in the picture’ can be a very conscious and strategic choice. The owner of Wester Green is participating in the GrootGroenPlus trade fair for the first time and sees this as an excellent opportunity to be noticed by trade fair visitors. In addition, he will send a mailing to gardeners before the trade fair. Nico has just started importing and further cultivating the Holm Oak (Quercus Ilex). He came across this species when he was looking for plants for his new hedge. The offering at Dutch garden centres turned out to be insufficient, so he decided to travel to Italy with his neighbour, looking for a supplier. That’s how he came across the Mediterranean holm oak; an evergreen product that can withstand salty air and is winter-hardy. Something different than a laurel hedge and easy to prune. With his participation in GrootGroenPlus, he wants to create more awareness for this niche product and connect with traders, gardeners, and garden centres to establish sustainable contacts. By establishing contact in advance with one of his main target groups, gardeners, he strengthens the impact he can make live at the trade fair. Of course, he will also ensure a clear, visual impact during the fair days. The holm oak - with all its unique selling points - will be front and centre ‘in the picture’.

Boomkwekerij Huijbregts BV builds on ZGIP success

Being in the picture is also top of mind for Boomkwekerij Huijbregts BV from Wernhout. In 2023, this company won the Zunderts Groen Imago Prijs (ZGIP) at GrootGroenPlus, attracting significant attention afterwards, including coverage from newspapers as BN DeStem and the Zundertse Bode, as well as the international press. During the trade fair, the company also experienced a substantial increase in stand visits. The impact is enduring; several groups have already visited, and soon a delegation from the Zundert city council will visit the nursery to see for themselves how the Huijbregts family excellently exemplifies green entrepreneurship.

Nursery Den Eldert BV shines during (children’s) press tour

GrootGroenPlus offers various ways to be in the picture. One of these ways is the international press tour, which, in 2023, included a children’s press tour. It was a great success, leaving a significant impact, especially on Boomkwekerij Den Eldert BV from Zundert. Due to the interest of the press, the nursery gained international recognition. Furthermore, the journalistic curiosity and enthusiasm of the young visitors left a lasting impression on industry professionals and the local community alike.