Do you know this hot climate lover...


The Mexican white oak, also known as Coahuila oak, is a Texas Superstar shade tree that thrives in hot, dry conditions. Its adaptable nature and beauty have made it a favorite among homeowners and landscapers.

This native tree features unique lobed foliage, providing a green and blue canopy. It matures into a medium-sized tree suitable for shading streets, parks, and gardens, with a dense canopy that withstands Texas weather, including both heat and winter fluctuations.


Mexican white oak trees prefer full sun and well-drained soil but can tolerate various conditions, including minimal irrigation and wind exposure. They typically reach heights of 35-45 feet, making them ideal for both single and double-story structures. Beyond aesthetics, these trees contribute to soil stabilization and provide acorns to support local wildlife.


Despite its recent introduction, the Mexican white oak has proven its resilience in various environments and climates. Its semi-evergreen nature and variable traits make it a promising candidate for further trials and breeding to enhance cultivars. While its susceptibility to oak wilt is not fully documented, it is recommended to plant it in areas where this disease is not a known issue.


In a world where landscaping choices matter, the Mexican white oak shines as a symbol of adaptability and natural elegance, earning its place as a Texas Superstar.