HortiFootprint Calculator fully FloriPEFCR-compliant summer 2024


Interest in the HortiFootprint Calculator continues to grow. We are therefore pleased to announce that by the third quarter of 2024, the HortiFootprint Calculator will be fully FloriPEFCR-compliant. The FloriPEFCR model is now ready and will start making accurate calculations using customer data. In the coming weeks, the model will be implemented in xhe own MPS environment. The HortiFootprint Calculator is an innovative software tool that measures the carbon footprint of horticultural production and helps growers make more sustainable choices.

Besides a new model, the record-keeping environment will also be adapted to the requirements of the FloriPEFCR methodology. With the updated HortiFootprint Calculator, the additional information required for the footprint calculation is completed via a step-by-step plan. The grower goes through the step-by-step plan per subject, where for some questions the data is automatically distributed among the various products and where for other questions the data can be distributed manually at thegrower's own insight. When the grower has gone through all the steps, the calculation is made in thebackground. The user then sees the result for each product in the dashboard with 16 impactcategories and 8 life stages.

In the new application, a grower starts by creating products with corresponding characteristics. These product characteristics ensure a more accurate calculation. Once the grower has created the products, they can then be linked to the corresponding crops. This allows a grower to differentiate by pot size, stem length or product type. Another new feature is that if several products occur within one crop, this crop can be split into several crops. The grower is supported in recording through initial discussions, onboarding and guidance. Finally, the dashboard of the HortiFootprint Calculator will also be updated. This dashboard is managed by our partner LetsGrow.com and we are currently finalising the user design, after which we will move on to the building phase. The dashboard will also become available to all existing and new HortiFootprint Calculator customers in Q3 2024.