Jiffy's biodegradable plant pots 70 Years


Jiffy is celebrating 70 years of Jiffy Pots this year. The biodegradable plant pots have been produced since 1953, long before sustainability became a hot topic.

The journey began in 1943, when two Norwegians, Leif Koxvold and Odd Melvold, started a company. Initially, they specialised in making items from pressed cellulose fibres. In 1949, their vision took a significant turn, when they began experimenting with the innovative use of peat for pots for sowing. By 1953, these pots were in full production, in the heart of Oslo. In 1953, the name Jiffy was introduced, inspired by the expression to do things efficiently and quickly.

To meet growing demand, factories were established in Denmark and Canada, and both continue to supply customers worldwide. Jiffy pots continue to play a leading role in plant pot quality and are adapted to the changing needs of growers. The customer base includes a very wide range of growers, from fully automated indoor covered farms to tree nurseries.