Protect your fruit trees from crawling insects


Fruit and ornamental trees can be threatened by small critters, which crawl up along the trunk. If the small winter moth, horse chestnut moth, caterpillars, aphids, ants and other crawling insects reach the crown, they can do a lot of damage there. So block their way up, with a tree glue band.

That's a tip DCM is happy to give the industry. DCM Boomband is a ready-to-use, transparent, toxin-free and water-resistant glue band. This physical pesticide prevents crawling insects from crawling up along the trunk of the tree and damaging it. Insects that can threaten the tree include the small winter moth. Caterpillars of the small winter moth feed on young leaves and buds in early spring. From the first night frost, the wingless females crawl into the tree via the trunk and wait in the crown for the males to mate. Then there is the horse chestnut leafminer moth. Three generations of larvae mine the leaves throughout the growing season, causing them to wither and fall off early. From April, the female moths jump and fly to the crown with several stops on the trunk to mate and lay eggs. Ants are seduced by the sugary honeydew secreted by aphids and defend aphids from their attackers. Without ants, beneficial insects can better control aphids.

Use the tree glue band from October to the end of March to protect your trees against the small winter moth. To protect against the horse chestnut leafminer moth, use from April until the end of September and from May until September to protect your trees against ants, aphids and other insects.